About Us

About Us

We started Life, Death, and Taxonomy to combine two things we love: animals and podcasts! One day we were looking around for a podcast that just celebrates the amazing things populating God’s green earth and we noticed that the pickings were slim. There are a few great shows out there that deal with animals and nature, but very few¬† take a close look at the amazing abilities different creatures have. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy making it!

Not Your Average Nature Podcast

What You’ll Learn

Each episode highlights one creature that has something incredible up its metaphorical sleeve. It may be something you’ve never heard of or it may be a familiar fauna with a hidden talent. Each episode will begin with an explanation of where the animal fits in the animal kingdom (that’s called taxonomy!) and ends with something it does that we found astounding.

Meet the Hosts

We are blessed to have help from friends and family that help us put the show together, provide art for each episode and give us ideas to cover. However, each episode is produced by the two hosts, Carlos and Joe.

Joe Raspolich

Joe is a writer and podcaster who has loved animals since he was a kid. His favorite class is Mammalia.

Carlos Rivera

Carlos is a long-time animal lover who wants everyone to know how neat taxonomy is, instead of just him and Joe knowing it.

Listen to the Show!

If you love animals half as much as we do, give Life, Death, and Taxonomy a listen! It’s available right here on the site and on your favorite podcasting app, including iTunes and Spotify. Subscribe for a new episode every week!